For the last three decades, Chilewich has reinterpreted underutilized and overlooked manufacturing practices to create designs marked by ingenuity, elegance, and durability. Colors, woven textures, and high performance define this collection.

New York-based designer Sandy Chilewich is the founder and creative director of Chilewich | Sultan LLC and has propelled modern vinyl into one of the most popular flooring and wallcovering options among designers.

Image: Chime | Anchor

Chime | Anchor

Long Lasting Beauty

Chilewich rugs and wallcoverings keep their beauty and functionality for decades, reducing replacement costs and removing unnecessary waste from landfills.

Chilewich Weaves

Discover the innovative patterns, refined textures, and multi-tonal colors of Chilewich rugs and wallcoverings.

Modern Vinyl

The versatility, durability, and easy-to-clean nature of vinyl allows Chilewich to push the boundaries of form and function.

All Chilewich textiles contain a minimum of 18% renewable vegetable content and are made entirely in the United States.

up close: the varied yarns used in shade wall cover