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Custom Area Rugs

Handcrafted SynSisal® Rug
Handcrafted SynSisal® Rug
Custom Rugs in 4 Easy Steps
Custom Rugs in 4 Easy Steps
area rugs
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1. Select Your Weave

Defining your goals and considering the factors mentioned in the section below “Which Weaves Are Best For Area Rugs?”—lifestyle, placement, fiber characteristics, maintenance, and budget—will provide you with the framework for a smooth decision-making process.

We highly recommend ordering swatches to see different materials and colors in your space.

Need assistance? Contact our team of experts if you get stuck or need a second opinion.

2. Place Your Order

Each weave page will guide you through the creation of your own custom rug—color, dimension, shape, border option, corner type, rug pad, and other add-ons such as expedited production and delivery. Once you have added your rug to the shopping cart, and you like what you see, place your order online. Some custom rugs with very special features require you to contact our team of experts for swatches and a quote. Need assistance ordering? Contact our team of experts for step-to-step guidance.

3. Plan for Delivery

After receiving your order confirmation, make sure your project and our delivery date go hand in hand. Clear the area before your new rug arrives. Some custom area rugs may be extra-wide and heavy. Please contact our team of experts to arrange for Enhanced Delivery services if you need help receiving and placing your area rug.

4. Allow Rug to Acclimate

For best results, allow your new area rug to acclimate to its novel space for a week before placing heavy furniture on it.

5. Install and Enjoy!

For maintenance, be sure to consult our care guides.

Looking for custom-size sisal or jute rugs? We can create one to your exact specifications. A made-to-measure custom area rug provides a unique accent to every room and is the ideal solution to the limitations of a standard-sized rug. Area rugs may be used to protect hardwood or any other finished flooring surface underneath or to anchor and embellish furniture arranged on or around it. We make every rug to order with a focus on 100% customer satisfaction—from the classic rectangular shape customized in size to fit your space to asymmetric applications for a special fireplace cutout; from stair runners to oversized rugs with or without branding features. Our team of experts guides you through the limitless possibilities of shapes, colors, patterns, and feel. We help you decide which of our beautiful border options available in diverse widths, colors, and materials is the best fit for your chosen weave. In the end, your custom area rug should reflect your lifestyle and intrinsic values and not just be any rug.

Like a picture, your custom area rug is worth a thousand words: high-end resort versus a casual boutique hotel, residential liveliness versus focused business environment, wellness oasis versus hip retail space. Let’s brainstorm together to design a rug that portrays you.

Most every weave we sell can be made into a custom area rug and carpet. Transform your space into a fresh, salient experience with one of over 250 unique weaves each available in numerous colors. Please take the following factors into account and feel free to contact our team of experts for help at any stage of your project.


Are you a minimalist or do you like more decorative spaces that welcome colors, patterns and different textures? Should a rug reflect your values of eco-friendliness and sustainability? Do you live with kids and/ or pets?


Is your rug for indoors or outdoors? Will you arrange your rug in an area with high foot traffic—residential kitchen, stairs, office, hotel lobby—or low usage—living room, den, bedroom, patio? Are you looking for a