Shipping & Delivery

Whether it is a small area rug or a broadloom roll of carpet, it is important to understand your shipping options and how to prepare for delivery.

Below, we cover delivery options, what to expect when your rug or carpet is delivered, international shipping options, what to do if your rug is damaged, and sample shipping.

Delivery Options

Standard Curbside Delivery means your rug will be delivered by one driver to the curb or to your driveway. The driver is not responsible for carrying your rug into your home or office, unpacking the rug, unrolling it or clearing away packaging. 

Area rugs are heavy and awkward. If you will not be able to handle the size and weight of the rug, or you don’t want to, you will need to have someone on hand to help unload the shipment or arrange for Enhanced Delivery (see below) before delivery.

Curbside delivery is our standard, complimentary delivery service and provides the quickest delivery timeframe.

Enhanced Delivery is recommended for large rugs or oversized items that are difficult to handle or too heavy for one person to manage. This service offers various levels of assistance (varies from state to state) for an additional charge and may include:

  • Over the threshold delivery of your rug.

  • Placement of your rug in the room of your choice (including up or down one flight of stairs).

  • Unpacking, removal of packaging, assembly if needed and placement of the items.

  • Enhanced delivery service adds 1-3 weeks to the delivery timeline, depending on your location.

We are happy to provide a quote upon request, taking into account the delivery address and service level preferred. During checkout, please state the best delivery contact name and phone number as the delivery company will need a valid contact number to reach you, or contact us if you need assistance. Someone 18 years or older must be present at the time of delivery.

Enhanced Delivery Graphic website July2022 L

Need any additional services? Please make a note during checkout of any needs that are above and beyond the Enhanced Delivery description, and we will gladly give you a quote. Examples of additional services include:

Carrying your rug up stairs when no elevator is available.

Carrying your rug up narrow staircases or multiple flights.

Hauling your rug long distances if parking out front is not available.

Shifting and/ or moving personal furniture to make room for your rug.

What to Expect

Determine first whether or not you will be able to safely handle the weight and size of a roll of carpet. A broadloom roll or large area rug is rather cumbersome to handle. A broadloom roll is typically 13’ in length and can weigh hundreds of pounds, depending on the carpet material. Larger area rugs can weigh 60 lbs or more.

Estimate the length of the roll

Area rugs are rolled up so that the shortest dimension becomes the length. For example, if you ordered an 8’x10’ rug, the length of the roll will be approximately 8’. If you ordered broadloom, the length of the roll will match the width of the weave, commonly 13’ or so.

Estimate the weight of the roll

Take the square yardage x 6 lbs, plus about 25 lbs for the core. The weight adds up quickly!

Ensure that all delivered items will fit through access points

Carpet rolls should not be bent, folded or forced in any way to make fit in an elevator or around a tight space like doorways, stairways, hallways or around corners as it could compromise the structural integrity of the weave and/ or the backing.

*Delivery fees are nonrefundable should the ordered items not fit through these areas, so be sure to measure carefully before placing your order.

Clear furniture out of the way

Once you have determined that your rug or carpet will fit, clear furniture or other objects out of pathways for ease of transport and placement in intended room(s).

If you selected Standard Curbside Delivery, the delivery truck arrives with just one driver who will offload the broadloom or large rug curbside. The driver is not responsible for bringing the rug indoors, unpacking the rug, disposing of packing material or unrolling rugs. Plan to have people there to help you carry the rug or carpet indoors if you are using Standard Curbside Delivery.

Average Weight of a Sisal Rug

New Rug Weight Chart-150dpi-cropped

If you are not able to manage the carpet’s weight and size or simply want someone else to do the heavy lifting, please contact us for options, including:

  • Shipping broadloom rolls of carpet directly to your installer who is able to accept the delivery with ease.

  • Enhanced Delivery service with over the threshold delivery. This service must be arranged prior to shipping. Additional charges are your responsibility and may be billed to you directly from the provider.

On the scheduled delivery day, either you or your representative (who must be 18 years of age or older) must be present to receive the merchandise at the agreed upon day and time window. If no one is available to receive the delivery, a re-delivery fee may be applied to the order and must be paid before re-delivery is scheduled.

Our products ship directly from work rooms and manufacturers via UPS, FedEx or by commercial carrier, depending on the size, quantity and weight of the order. Broadloom rolls and rugs larger than 8’ will ship via a freight carrier. Large rugs or broadloom rolls are delivered to the curbside with Standard Curbside Delivery. If you will not be able to handle the weight and size of the rug or would like your order delivered inside, we offer Enhanced Delivery for an additional charge.

During the checkout process, you will be asked to select a delivery method.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • If a freight service is needed for delivery, they will contact you to schedule a delivery window once your order has reached their warehouse or terminal. This can add 1-2 weeks to the delivery schedule.

  • Freight services offer a 4-hour delivery window.

  • Deliveries are not made on Saturdays or Sundays unless special arrangements have been made.

  • We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes or Military APOs.

  • Additional fees or restrictions may apply if shipping your rug internationally or to non-contiguous U.S. states or territories. See Other Shipping Options section below.

  • RUG PADS If you ordered a rug pad or underlayment for your custom rug or broadloom carpet, it may arrive separately from the carpet. Please contact us for more information.

Curran and assume no responsibility for any charges, fees or cost of lost time due to late, delayed or damaged orders and deliveries. Please read our Terms of Sale.

From the point of purchase, delivery time can range from one week to multiple weeks. Many factors contribute to this timeframe, including:

  • All of our custom area rugs are made to order to your specifications. Depending on the work room or the custom nature of the rug, fabrication time alone can be from 1 to 4 weeks. Shipping time depends on delivery location and can be a few days to a couple of weeks.

  • Broadloom carpet takes approximately 1-2 weeks for delivery. If you order multiple rugs or rolls of broadloom, your order may require a freight delivery service due to the weight of the order, which adds business days to the timeline as well as additional charges.

  • Enhanced Delivery adds days to the timeline.

  • Delivery delays may be caused by factors beyond our control, such as vendor shipping delays or force majeure. We are not responsible for such delays, nor do we allow cancellations or refunds due to delivery delays. We will do our best to keep you informed of production or shipping delays.

We offer FREE Standard Curbside Delivery within the continental U.S. on all orders. You are responsible for any fees due to refusal, redirection, and/ or returns if the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful. For deliveries to rural areas, remote areas (including Alaska, Hawaii, etc.), addresses determined to be undeliverable, or for deliveries that require extra lift gate or special services, additional shipping fees may apply and are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Expedited shipping is available for most products for an additional charge. Additionally, Enhanced Delivery may be available in your area for an additional charge. Feel free to contact us with any questions or for a quote on expedited or Enhanced shipping. We are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm (PST).

Shipping Options

Yes, we ship worldwide. International shipping charges apply and are the responsibility of the customer. Unless otherwise noted, international shipping rates do not include duties, fees, or taxes. If you place your order online, you will be asked to “save your cart” (you will need to establish an account) to be sent to a customer service specialist who will contact you with a formal quote.  

For international shipping and delivery, the INCO (2020) term DAP (delivered at place) applies, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

Using the INCO term DAP means that 

  • We will deliver the goods uncleared to the delivery address.

  • We will be responsible for the transport to the delivery address.

  • We will charge any costs related to the transport to you, i.e. you will bear the cost of freight.

You will act as Importer of Record. You will be responsible for customs clearance in the country of import. You will bear the costs of customs clearing, including import duty, VAT, and other taxes and duties that can become due upon import of the goods involved.

Tip: using a U.S.-based freight-forwarder is possible and could be less expensive. We can ship standard to a local address (within the continental U.S.) and shipping internationally is handled from there.

Yes, there is a variable shipping surcharge for deliveries to these areas. A customer service specialist will contact you within 1-2 business days to review any additional charges.

Yes, we have two ways to expedite the delivery of your rug.

  1. Many of our weaves can be “rushed” on the production side for an added fee. If the rug you are ordering is available for a rush, you will be asked to select “Hot Rush Production” in the ordering process. This will speed up the fabrication process, but transit times still apply.

  2. If you wish to expedite the shipping time, please contact us for options and costs.


Always take the time to inspect your order before the delivery company leaves. Have a camera ready in case you need to document damages and mark any notes on the Bill of Lading (BOL).

Inspecting your shipment
Shipping damage can include both carton damage and concealed damage. We will assist you and use reasonable efforts to expedite any claims related to shipping damage.

Carton damage includes damages that are visible right away upon delivery, even when the product is still packed. To be eligible to make a claim based on carton damage, please take the following steps:

If you or your representative, who is 18 years of age or older, are present at delivery and notices carton damage, please:

  • Refuse delivery of the item from the delivery person.

  • Have the delivery person confirm the damage by signing the Bill of Lading indicating the carton damage.

  • Make a claim in writing (e.g. via email) within 48 hours of delivery to our 

    Customer Service team

     providing the product number (SKU-number), a description of the damage along with a picture of the Bill of Lading as well as a picture of the carton damage and the damaged item. Claims that are submitted later may not be taken into consideration.

If you notice the carton damage only after the delivery person has left:

  • Take a picture of the carton damage and the damaged item.

  • Make a note of the damaged item on the Bill of Lading and keep it.

  • Make a claim in writing (e.g. via email) within 48 hours of delivery to our Customer Service team providing the product number (SKU-number), a description of the damage along with the picture of the carton damage and the damaged item. Claims that are submitted later may not be taken into consideration, and

  • Keep the product until such a claim is resolved.

Concealed damages are damages that are not visible when the item is still packed but can only be noticed once it is unpacked. To be eligible to make a claim based on concealed damage, please take the following steps:

  • Take a picture of the damaged item.

  • Make a note of the damaged item on the Bill of Lading and keep it. 

  • Make a claim in writing (e.g. via email) within 7 days of delivery to our Customer Service team providing the product number (SKU-number), a description of the damage along with a picture of the damaged item. Claims that are submitted later may not be taken into consideration.

  • Keep the product until such a claim is resolved.

Look for defects. Once the roll of carpet is inside and has been cleared of shipping damage, please:

  • Carefully remove the packaging, being careful not to use a sharp blade that could damage the product.

  • Inspect the carpet and confirm style and color.

  • Check each length of carpet for damages or defects – claims of damage or defects must be made ahead of cutting or installing your carpet. When considering defects, remember that carpet is a textile, and variations in surface texture or yarn size are not defects but are inherent to the beauty of a flat weave carpet.

  • If you have a claim of damage or defect, you must report it to your sales agent immediately for the claim to be considered, before any installation begins. 

If quality remarks or product defects are not reported to Curran/, we can not be held responsible for any visible defects and costs after the carpet has been cut and/ or installed.

Sample Shipping

Samples ship via USPS (United States Postal Service), which generally takes 2-5 business days within the U.S. If you are aware that your shipping address is not serviced by USPS, please let us know your preferred carrier in the comment section during checkout or contact us to arrange shipping via another carrier. Samples are delivered to the mailbox of the delivery address indicated on our order confirmation.

If you would like expedited shipping for your sample order, please contact us. We can use your FedEx account number or add the FedEx expediting charge to your order.