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Almora | Oriole

Jacaranda Rugs & Carpet

heirloom rugs infused with brilliance & integrity

Stunning Colors | Rich Textures | Renewable Fibers

  • The Jacaranda Collection


    Made from luxurious and renewable fibers like TENCEL®, wool, & silk


    Ethically crafted by skilled adult artisans


    Luxury carpets with unforgettable textures & colorways


    Available as bespoke rugs or as broadloom for wall-to-wall carpet

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Luxurious TENCEL® fibers are so soft and plush they can turn any room into your favorite room in the house

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Uncompromising quality & generous texture create an inviting landscape

Kheri | Delphinium
Kheri | Delphinium
Seoni | Wheat & Cameo
Seoni | Wheat & Cameo

Jacaranda Weaves

Welcome to the shimmering hues and captivating textures of Jacaranda's hand-woven rugs and carpets. These sophisticated, sustainable weaves harmonize with a variety of design styles and add a layer of luxury to living spaces.

The New Natural Flooring

TENCEL™ is a silk-like botanic fiber made from wood pulp that originates from sustainably-grown eucalyptus forests. Jacaranda is the first company to take this impossibly soft material and spin it into luxury flooring products that carry strict European environmental certifications.

Seoni | Cornflower, Merlin, Dove, Eucalyptus & Storm
Seoni | Cornflower, Merlin, Dove, Eucalyptus & Storm


Jacaranda supports the GoodWeave™ organization and their mission to eradicate child-labor in rug factories and manufacturing. A Jacaranda rug or carpet is produced by skilled adult artisans who employ the time-honored art of hand-weaving to produce brilliant, luxury flooring. This commitment to ethical labor practices and premium quality shines through in every Jacaranda product.

Learn more about the GoodWeave™ organization here.

All About Jacaranda

Time-Honored Technique

Modern luxury meets timeless tradition in the sophisticated manufacture of Jacaranda rugs & carpets.

Visit our blog to read more about the Jacaranda story.

Seoni | Range of Colors

Timeless shades, handmade textures, a luxurious feel and sustainability define the Jacaranda Collection. Jacaranda Carpets has been making natural fiber rugs and carpet since 2003 and is owned and operated by Richard and Lucy Meager in England. The company name is inspired by the jacaranda trees of Richard Meager’s childhood in Cape Town and the streets of New Delhi where he purchased his first container of carpet. The purple flowers of the jacaranda tree are the spark behind Jacaranda’s deep purple logo.

Color is the muse in this collection, from muted palettes to bold, vibrant colors. Jacaranda rugs embody a way of seeing color: not just in tone or dye, but in the interplay of color, light and texture. Together, these facets impact our view of color. The light and texture in each rug is informed by the material, with the ultra-soft and lustrous TENCEL™ imparting a glamorous sheen or wool’s rich character yielding irresistible texture.

Jacaranda is one of the first rug manufacturers to feature TENCEL™ for luxury flooring. TENCEL™ is a natural, renewable botanic fiber produced in an environmentally friendly process. When placed in the hands of highly skilled artisans, TENCEL™ is handwoven into elegant, exceptional rugs and carpet.

In addition to the use of natural fibers, all of Jacaranda’s rugs are GoodWeave™ certified, guaranteeing integrity in labor practices. A commitment to the environment, ethical labor practices and enduring style are essential to every Jacaranda piece. Curran and are proud to be the US online retailer for this collection.

TENCEL™ is a silk-like botanic fiber made from wood pulp that originates from sustainably-grown eucalyptus forests. When woven, this modern fiber is extremely soft and strong. TENCEL™ has found wide acclaim in the luxury bedding and clothing markets but also functions as an excellent material for high-end rugs. TENCEL™ has an inherent sheen, high tensile strength, and takes up the dye well, resulting in vibrant and deep colors.

TENCEL™ is a branded lyocell fiber made by Lenzing AG of Austria. Lenzing AG won the “European Award for the Environment” for its closed-loop production of TENCEL™. The innovative production of TENCEL ™ results in very low emissions and 99.8% of required chemicals are reused. TENCEL™ answers consumers’ demand for more product transparency and less environmental impact.

TENCEL™’s key strengths include:

  • A lustrous shine that reflects light

  • A soft and smooth texture

  • High-performing cellulose fiber

  • Cleanable by professionals with dry or cold wet extraction

  • Biodegradable and compostable

  • Manages indoor humidity, reducing the growth of bacteria and mold

  • Naturally moth-resistant (moths don’t eat cellulose)

Ethical labor practices and artisanship go hand in hand at Jacaranda. Many skilled hands touch and craft each carpet, making it a very labor-intensive process. A GoodWeave™ certification ensures the fair treatment of adult carpet weavers and that no children are involved in the supply chain process. GoodWeave™ provides independent, unannounced producer inspections, monitoring, and certification, as well as educational opportunities to children in weaving communities. To learn more about GoodWeave™, visit

Regular maintenance and a quick response to spills are your best lines of defense against deterioration and staining. Just like a wool or a sisal rug, frequent vacuuming is a must because it keeps dirt and other soils from embedding into the fibers of your carpet. To lengthen the life of your TENCEL™ rug,

  • Vacuum frequently without the beater bar

  • Install walk-off mats at the entrances to your home to capture dirt and dust

  • Purchase a carpet dry cleaning kit to have on hand in the event of stains

  • Act quickly and gently to blot up any spills with a clean cloth; do not rub or scrub

  • Work with a professional carpet cleaner who has experience with TENCEL™ to maintain and deep clean your rug via dry extraction

Guidelines for care and more maintenance tips are accessible under the Care tab on each Jacaranda weave page.

From delicate tones to vibrant colors, captivating textures to soothing softness, Jacaranda designs and crafts rugs for all styles of interiors. Rugs add a layer of comfort and dimensional design to our spaces and deserve to be shared with company.

Bring the glitz and glamor of Hollywood Regency style into your living room with Santushti or Satara. These TENCEL™ rugs have metallic overtones and a range of colors, from neutral to bold. The natural hues found in Arani blend effortlessly with Asian Zen or Organic Modernism styles. Simla offers a plush pile and subdued shades that take Transitional interiors to a new sophistication. And followers of Scandinavian or Modern design will delight in Willingdon, a simple yet stunning wool rug available in a range of soothing hues.